Download DramaCool App for Android

The app enables its users to access links to Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas, offering a diverse selection of TV shows. Moreover, the content is frequently updated to ensure a fresh viewing experience.

DramaCool is an Android app designed for streaming movies and TV series via Telegram groups. The platform primarily features Asian dramas and anime content.

How it works

Signing up on DramaCool is not mandatory as the app can be used without any registration. However, if users wish to make a request for adding a specific movie, they are required to provide their name and log in without a password.

To access the content, users need to follow the link to Telegram. The app features a variety of film and series groups on its main menu, such as Korean dramas, Chinese TV shows, anime, Hollywood movies, KDrama and more. Additionally, users can share their feedback and suggestions to help improve the app.

Requesting a movie

If the desired movie or TV show is not available on the app, users can request the administration or members of Telegram groups to update the content. If they express interest in the requested movie, they will comply with the user’s request.


Due to copyright issues, some of the groups on the app may be deleted. Moreover, the presence of numerous ads can be distracting for users.

Users can engage in discussions with other movie enthusiasts in various groups via a chat feature.

It’s important to note that DramaCool does not host content itself but merely redirects users to the content via links. Therefore, it is necessary to have a Telegram messenger app to access the content on DramaCool.

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